Hart to Hart
Jonathan and Jennifer Hart



"I guess it's just my twisted sense of values to think of you as lovers
rather than man & wife."
"One doesn't necessarily preclude the other."

(I know it's not an exact quote but if you know what episode this is from please let me know)

Hart to Hart Fanfic

Ethan Cord and Amelia Lawson
ethan amelia


"Ethan, you don't trust anyone."
"I trust you."

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North and South
Orry Main and Madeline Lamont


orry madeline

"The day I met you was the day I was born."

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North and South
George Hazard and Constance Flynn


constance george

You know I fell in love with you during our very first dance.
Was it my face or the uniform?
It was the way you looked when
Major Laferty cut in on us, like a little lost puppy dog.

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North and South
Billy Hazard and Brett Main
brett billy


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Remington Steele
Remington Steele and Laura Holt



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Walker Texas Ranger
Cordell Walker and Alex Cahill



Jimmy's Toast:  "Alex, Walker. May your lives be
filled with love & light & laughter."

The WAM Page

Walker Texas Ranger
Sydney Cook and Francis Gage



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