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The New Avengers
Purdy and Mike Gambit

purdey gambit

"Purdy!" "I am standing on a box! What's
wrong with tall women anyway?"  "Nothing,
except you never know what you're getting up to."

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The New Avengers

Agatha Christie's Partners in Crime
Tommy and Tuppence Beresford


tommy tuppence

"It's a detective agency."
"Obviously! Though I can't imagine of what interest it could be to
you. Unless of course you're thinking of having me followed."
"Too many men do that already, my sweet."

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Mission: Impossible
Cinnamon Carter and Rollin Hand


"Who said you were irresistable?"

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Hill Street Blues
Frank Furillo and Joyce Davenport


frank joyce

"As long as we don't lose the romance, Frank. I don't
want our marriage to kill our love affair. Promise
me that won't happen."

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Lt. Cmdr Harmon Rabb Jr. and Lt. jg Meg Austin


harm meg
(Photo and quote taken from Semper Meg)

"First time flying supersonic ,Lt?"
"No just my first time with a lawyer."
"How'd I rate?"

Meg Austin Archive
JAG Site

The Thornbirds
Meggie O'Neill and Father Ralph


"I may never see you again."

"As punishment for this?"

"My punishment is never to be sure again that I love God more than you."

Thornbirds: The Missing Years
Meggie O'Neill and Father Ralph



"God is love, and love is here."

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Total Security
Jodie Giblinger and Frank Cisco

jodi frank

"You gonna be my guru?" "Yes."
"I couldn't ask for a prettier one."
   "Then come into my temple grasshopper,
and let me introduce you to the mysteries that await."

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