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Dr. Susan Lewis and Dr. Mark Greene

mark susan

"I'll never forget you. I do love you."
"I love you!  Bye."

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Nurse Carol Hathaway and Dr. Doug Ross

doug carol

"I have to go find out"
"Find out what?"
"If he's still in love with me. Because I am with him. I am.
I've been in love with him since I was 23 years old. He's everything
to me.  He's my life. I feel complete when I am with him
and I feel empty when we're apart.
 He's the father of my children and he's my soulmate."

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Dr. Mark Greene & Dr. Elizabeth Corday

mark eliz

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  Lover's Lane

SixteenOz's Mark & Elizabeth Fic

Dr. John Carter & Dr. Lucy Knight

lucy john

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Dr. Peter Benton & Dr. Cleo Finch

cleo peter

"Peter, are you asking me out?"

Dr. John Carter & Dr. Susan Lewis


carter susan

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Carter & Susan Love Palace

Carter & Susan: Imagine The Possibilites

Dr. John Carter & Abby Lockhart


Carter: Right. Your life sucks. Now and forever, there's nobody
that you can love, there's nothing that you can do about it.
Abby: You don't want me to love you.
Carter: Can I decide that for myself?!
Abby: Fine! Decide! What do you want?
Carter: What do I want? I want you to stop being so afraid!
Abby: I'm not afraid!
Carter: I want us to stop being so careful!
Abby: I'm just ... Carter: I want to marry you!


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Titanic: The Miniseries
Isabella Paradine and Winn Park


"Does it have to end?"

PSI Love You
Dani Powell (Wanda Talbert) and Cody Powell (Joey Paceorek)

"You know, in a certain light, when
you're behaving yourself, you are almost attractive."

Night Sins (miniseries)
SBI Agent Megan O'Malley and Chief Mitch Holt


night sins

"Tell me you love me."
"Break my heart and I'll kick your ass Chief."
"I guess that's close enough."

(quote taken from the book "Night Sins" by Tami Hoag)

House of Frankenstein (miniseries)
Det. Vernon Coyle and Grace Dawkins
grace vernon
"I love you Vernon"

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