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Who's The Boss?
Tony Micelli and Angela Bowers

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Silk Stalkings
Chris Lorenzo and Rita Lance Lorenzo


silk stalkings
"I lived through the worst thing that could
ever happen to me.....I lost you."

(courtesy of Sammy's Silk Stalkings Page. link below)

It's Got To Be Silk
Sammy's Silk Stalkings Page

I don't normally watch the soaps but had to add these two :0)

Days Of Our Lives
Steven "Patch" Johnson and Kayla Brady
patch kayla

Steve:"I'm standing here and I still can't believe that I
deserve you. I wouldn't be the man I am right now if
it wasn't for you.  I thought I was brave, but I found out
that it takes more courage to open up to another person.
I thought I was strong, but you showed me that it takes
more strength to let people see your feelings.  And I
thought I knew how to love, but now I know that it's
much harder to let someone love me.  That someone is you.
You saw into my heart when no one else could and you
believed in me. So I'm gonna spend the rest of my life livin'
up to the faith you have in me.  I don't have much, baby, but what
I have is yours.  I'm yours. I love you Sweetness."

Kayla :"When I was a little girl, I dreamed of loving a man
who was brave and strong and true and of a romantic wedding
on the water surrounded by the people I love most.  I never told
that secret dream to anyone, but somehow you found out. You gave
me that dream. You made it come true. There's just one thing that's
different, it's far more wonderful than I ever imagined.  I dreamed
of being in love, I never dreamed of sharing my very soul. I dreamed
of sharing my thoughts, but I never dreamed that someone could hear
me without words.  In my darkest trouble and my coldest silence. I looked
for you and you were there. I'm yours forever. I love you"


General Hospital
Frisco & Felicia
frisco felicia

Lady Of My Heart

There's a quiet time
When everyone goes home
And I'm left standing here
On the stage alone
When shadows paint the scene
Where spotlights used to fall
And now it's like a dream
Did it happen after all?

Then I see you there
In silent silhouette
The glow of your cigarette
Is like a shooting star

Lady of my heart
Tell me who you are
You've waited in the dark
And I need you will me
Lady, please reveal
If what you are is real
Can I touch?
Can I feel?
Just an image of you.

I've listened to the cheers
I guess I've heard my share
But I was never sure
Was it you out there?
Now I understand
You've always been the one
Who stood out from the crowd
You're my inspiration

So take me by the hand
Before the moment's gone
 I'll dance you into the dawn
And dream you into my life

Lady of my heart
Tell me who you are
You've waited in the dark
And I need you w
With me tonight

Lady, please reveal
If what you are is real
Can I touch?
Can I feel?
Are you just a fantasy?

You're the lady of my heart
I know you are.

Cleopatra (miniseries)
Anthony and Cleopatra


"I see nothing but you."

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Sarah, Plain and Tall
Winter's End

Sarah and Jacob


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Anne of Green Gables
Anne Shirley and Gilbert Blythe

anne gilbert

"There will never be anyone for me but you"
"I don't want diamond sunburst or marble halls...I just want you."

Anne of Green Gables: The Continuing Story
Anne and Gilbert
Anne of Green Gables

The Soul Catcher
Zacariah and Rebbecca

soul catcher
    "I would give up eternity to spend one lifetime with this woman."

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