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seaQuest DSV
Captain Nathan Bridger and Doctor Kristin Westphalen

nate kris

"I think I'd be very jealous if anyone else saw you looking like this.
May I kiss you Doctor?"
"Of course Captain."

The Wolve's Den
Liz's World
Jackie's SQ Page
Bridger's Folly
  Cindy Brewer's SeaQuest Fanfic Page .
Arla's Fanfic
Maggie's Fanfic
The Nathan and Kristin Relationship Archive

seaQuest DSV
Commander Katherine Hitchcock and Lt. Ben Krieg


"I can sing, not good but I can carry a tune."
"Katie, you sang in the shower."

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The X-Files
Dana Scully and Fox Mulder


"Scully, I love you"
"Oh brother!"

Gossamer Project
Mulder & Scully Romance Gallery

The X-Files
Dana Scully & John Doggett

scully doggett

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Scully Dogget fic
Gossamer Project

The X-Files
Monica Reyes & John Doggett


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Gossamer Project

Babylon 5
Captain John Sheridan and Ambassador Delenn


"Goodnight my love, the brightest star in my sky."
"Goodnight.  You were my sky and my sun and my moon."




Babylon 5
Ranger Marcus Cole and Commander Susan Ivanova


"Don't you have anthing to do?"
    "Nope, I'm all yours."

Babylon 5
Byron and Lyta

lyta byron

"You cannot save my life, but you can save my soul.
I called you my willow, the strength that would survive me
and shelter those who follow. Now I need you to be strong
for me one last time. "

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Babylon 5: The Crusades
Captain Elizabeth Lockley and Captain Matthew Gideon


Gideon: "We don't have to wait to recycle the [shower] water...we could share."

Lochley: "It's environmentally safe."
Gideon: "Waste not, want not."
Lochley: "Absolutely." [The Rules of the Game]


Babylon 5
Michael Garabaldi and Dodger


"Its a good thing I'm only here another
hour or so, cupcake. Two weeks of this and I'd kill you."

Earth 2
Devon Adair and John Danziger


"It just wouldn't be New Pacifica without John.  I hate to admit how much
I've come to depend on that man, maybe even more than that"


Earth 2
Julia Heller and Alonzo Solace


"Alonzo, you frighten me a bit."  "I do?"
"I don't want to feel things for you that you don't feel for me.
I don't want you to break my heart."  "I'm not going to break your heart."

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Earth 2
Bess and Morgan Martin


"Morgan Horatio Martin, Bess Amelia Klempt, do you take this
committment in hand and in heart and in the presence of one
another until death do you part?"  "We do."
"So to the inhabitants of this world, I present, once again,
Morgan and Bess Martin."

Bess and Morgan

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